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Tech never ever goes away from model

Le 14 December 2018, 09:33 dans Humeurs 0

If the concept of obtaining holiday gifts in your relatives and buddies just isn't more than enough to mail you right into a tailspin, there is the added pressure of looking to figure out what to obtain for all those you're employed with. With a great number of rules--both created and unwritten-it's all much too straightforward to help make a corporate gift-giving gaffe. But, with a few thoughtfulness along with a small planning, it's possible to present just the best gift to only the proper particular person.

Another point which most of the corporate gift companies in Hong Kong like Solutions Limited take into account is – what type of non-cash items or merchandise must be given to the regular customers!

There are actually great new gadgets coming out all of the time, but tech presents are most coveted through getaway time. LeeLee Silber of Goody Bag Gifts, a special instances reward consultancy, claims she constantly attempts to incorporate a tech toy or trinket when developing present baskets for customers handy out.

mitsubishi dehumidifier - Mitsubishi 22.5L Dehumidifier MJ-E130AL-H, which is made in Japan, was one of dehumidifiers awarded the highest mark in the 2018 Consumer Council dehu

“There’s a little something desirable regarding the most recent in tech," she claims. "Maybe it is a thing you will not splurge on or a minimal toy which makes you smile anytime you use it.”

Enterprise-grade Internet Data Center (IDC) in HK, China, and worldwide provides a perfect environment for Cloud Hosting platform and securing your corporate database.

What tech system could you give that does not charge a reasonably penny? Everyone has knowledgeable the panic that goes in addition to observing the battery gauge over a smartphone or iPad get reduced and lower-usually once the units are wanted most. A power source will hence be appreciated by a person and all, and it will expense quite a bit significantly less than, say, a new pill. The Anker Astro Mini can electrical power possibly Apple or Android products, and it prices much less than $20.

Towngas introduces Italy premium kitchen appliance collection - offers stylish gas cooker with built-in Gas Hob. Powerful 8kW gas stove is perfectly tailored to Chinese style cooking with easy-to-clean and high efficient features.

Another fantastic tech option that may be widely appreciated (and is not going to put a big dent in the pocket) is actually a wi-fi speaker. The new Nokia Microsoft Transportable MD-12 Wireless Speaker, one example is, comes in bright pop colors and can use any area to magnify seem. It can be a terrific reward strategy for that on-the-go tunes lover, and it prices much less than $50.

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Wedding Planning

Le 22 November 2017, 05:52 dans Humeurs 0

Wedding market : UrbanClap launches services to plan a 'shaadi' in India

In order to capture the burgeoning wedding services market, UrbanClap on Friday launched services in domains of home improvement and wedding planning in India.

The services are aimed at people who are building/renovating their homes or are planning a wedding.

During 2010-2015, the Indian wedding planning market grew at CAGR of 9.9 percent.

Urbanclap will competing with existing startups in the segment which include Wedmegood, Shaadisaga, BandBaja,, and The Wedding Brigade.

“We are glad that with our new portals we will be able to simplify these, otherwise complicated, decisions. Users will be able to visualize, get ideas, read advice, besides discovering hand-picked service professionals,” said Abhiraj Bhal, cofounder of UrbanClap.

Users can browse through weddings and home improvements projects and book the services.

He added, “Both, home improvement and wedding planning, are key verticals for us and already contribute about 20 percent to our overall revenue. We have made a significant investment in the technology, developing and curating the content.”

While announcing the company's three years anniversary, Bhal said, "We started with basic home services and never really promoted interior designers and wedding planners on the platform"

India’s  market is expected to reach Rs 1.6 trillion by 2020- Ken Research

He added, "These two markets are huge and unorganized people spend a lot of money for these services. We will continue to improve it and add more services on the portals. "

While talking about its competitors he said, "We are never worried about the competition. But there are very small companies in the wedding market.  We are going to build these portals huge and organize it by investing in it," Bhal said.

You well do it everytime

Le 18 April 2016, 10:05 dans Humeurs 0

"When I was in my 20s I worked as a waiter at a very popular restaurant. I found it very difficult to keep up with the orders and, consequently, my tips were very low.
One of the very experienced servers took me aside and she said, 'Slow down and take longer steps. You'll feel more relaxed and your customers will see that and trust you.'
If you slow down, you have time to think and plan better. Taking longer steps means more than just how you move through a space. It's about looking ahead and covering more ground, encompassing6 more than just the task at hand."
Everyone ends up in the same place.
"'At the end of the game, the king and the pawn7 go back in the same box.' -- Italian Proverb
When you really think about this, in the end we all end up the same. You can't take your money and fame with you after you die."
Time is not money. It's better.
"Always choose time over money. Contrary to what people say, time is not money. Time is much much more than money. At the end of your life, it's guaranteed you will be out of time and more than likely out of money as well, if you didn't value time."
Don't worry what other people think.
"Stop being so self-conscious because absolutely nobody is paying any attention to you anyway -- they are only paying attention to themselves."
You can't truly control anything but how well you do things.
"To find happiness in life's tasks, invest in the process (which you can control), not in the outcome (which is largely out of your control)."
"God gave you two ears and one mouth; use them proportionally."
Take risks when you can.
"On deciding whether to step off my career track in my mid-20s to live abroad for a year: 'You have the rest of your life to work. You'll be working for 40 years. I don't know why we were in such a hurry when we were young.' I took the year off."

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